Forms and Widgets

Personal Bank Account Initial Application

Please open an account at

Personal Details (Sole/First Accountholder/Minor)

Residential address

Mailing Address (If different from the First Accountholder's address)

Details of Introduction by Existing Customer (If applicable)

Account Details

Details of Fixed Deposit

Personal Details

Other existing bank accounts, if any

Reason for Account opening

Terms And Conditions

Source code


class BankForm(Form):
    branch_name = forms.CharField()

    """ Personal Details """
    person_title = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("Mr", "Mr."), ("Mrs.", "Mrs."), ("Ms.", "Ms.")), label="Title"
    full_name = forms.CharField()
    date_of_birth = forms.DateField()
    email = forms.EmailField()
    parent_name = forms.CharField(label="In case of a minor please provide details")
    nationality = forms.ChoiceField(choices=COUNTRY_CHOICES)
    mobile_no = forms.CharField()
    existing_bank_account = forms.CharField()
    partner_name = forms.CharField(label="Name of father/spouse")

    """ Residential address """
    flat_building = forms.CharField(label="Flat no. and bldg. name")
    road_no = forms.CharField(label="Road no./name")
    area_and_landmark = forms.CharField(label="Area and landmark")
    telephone_residence = forms.CharField()
    city = forms.CharField()
    office = forms.CharField()
    fax = forms.CharField()
    pin_code = forms.CharField()

    """ Mailing Address """
    mailing_company_details = forms.CharField(
        label="Company name and department/ Flat no. and bldg. name"
    mailing_road_no = forms.CharField(label="Road no./name")
    mailing_area_and_landmark = forms.CharField(label="Area and landmark")
    mailing_city = forms.CharField(label="City")
    mailing_mobile = forms.CharField(label="Mobile No.")
    mailing_telephone_residence = forms.CharField(label="Telephone Residence")
    mailing_office = forms.CharField(label="Office")
    mailing_fax = forms.CharField(label="Fax")
    mailing_pin_code = forms.CharField(label="Pin Code")
    mailing_email = forms.EmailField(label="E-mail")

    """ Details of Introduction by Existing Customer """
    introducer_name = forms.CharField(label="Customer Name")
    introducer_account_no = forms.CharField(label="Account No.")
    introducer_signature = forms.CharField(label="Introducer's signature")

    """ Account Details """
    account_type = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("S", "Savings"), ("C", "Current"), ("F", "Fixed deposits")),
        label="Choice of account",
        widget=forms.RadioSelect(attrs={"inline": True}),
    account_mode = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("CS", "Cash"), ("CQ", "Cheque"), ("NF", "NEFT")),
        label="Mode of funding",
        widget=forms.RadioSelect(attrs={"inline": True}),
    account_amount = forms.FloatField(label="Amount")

    """ Details of Fixed Deposit """
    deposit_type = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("O", "Ordinary"), ("C", "Cumulative")),
        label="Types of deposit",
        widget=forms.RadioSelect(attrs={"inline": True}),
    deposit_mode = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("CS", "Cash"), ("CQ", "Cheque"), ("NF", "NEFT")),
        label="Mode of funding",
        widget=forms.RadioSelect(attrs={"inline": True}),
    deposit_amount = forms.FloatField(label="Amount")
    deposit_no = forms.CharField(label="No. of deposits")
    deposit_individual_amount = forms.FloatField(label="Individual Deposit Amount")

    """ Personal Details """
    occupation = forms.ChoiceField(
            ("NE", "Non-executive"),
            ("HW", "Housewife"),
            ("RT", "Retired"),
            ("ST", "Student"),
            ("OT", "Other"),
            ("UN", "Unemployed"),
    job_title = forms.CharField()
    department = forms.CharField()
    nature_of_business = forms.CharField()
    education = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("UG", "Under graduate"), ("GR", "Graduate"), ("OT", "Others")),
    monthly_income = forms.ChoiceField(
            ("000", "Zero Income"),
            ("L10", "Less than $10,000"),
            ("G10", "$10,000+"),
    martial_status = forms.ChoiceField(
        choices=(("M", "Married"), ("S", "Single")),
        widget=forms.RadioSelect(attrs={"inline": True}),
    spouse_name = forms.CharField()

    """ Other existing bank accounts, if any """
    other_account1 = forms.CharField(label="Name of the Bank / branch")
    other_account2 = forms.CharField(label="Name of the Bank / branch")

    """ Reason for Account opening """
    reason = forms.CharField(label="Please specify", widget=forms.Textarea)

    """ Terms And Conditions """
    terms_accepted = forms.BooleanField(
        label="I/We confirm having read and understood the account rules of The Banking Corporation Limited"
        " ('the Bank'), and hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and amendments governing the"
        " account(s) issued by the Bank from time-to-time."

    layout = Layout(
        FieldSet("Please open an account at", "branch_name"),
            "Personal Details (Sole/First Accountholder/Minor)",
            Row(Span("person_title", desktop=2), Span("full_name", desktop=10)),
                Column("date_of_birth", "email", "parent_name"),
                    Row("mobile_no", "existing_bank_account"),
            "Residential address",
            Row("flat_building", "road_no"),
            Row(Span("area_and_landmark", desktop=10), Span("city", desktop=2)),
            Row("telephone_residence", "office", "fax", "pin_code"),
            "Mailing Address (If different from the First Accountholder's address)",
            "Details of Introduction by Existing Customer (If applicable)",
            Row("introducer_name", "introducer_account_no"),
            "Account Details", Row("account_type", "account_mode"), "account_amount"
            "Details of Fixed Deposit",
            Row("deposit_type", "deposit_mode"),
                Span("deposit_amount", desktop=6),
                Span("deposit_no", desktop=3),
                Span("deposit_individual_amount", desktop=3),
            "Personal Details",
            Row("occupation", "education", "monthly_income"),
            Row("department", "nature_of_business"),
            Row("martial_status", "spouse_name"),
            "Other existing bank accounts, if any",
            Row("other_account1", "other_account2"),
        FieldSet("Reason for Account opening", "reason"),
        FieldSet("Terms And Conditions", "terms_accepted"),